This site has a perhaps odd origin. I am Brazilian, living in Brazil, where it is put together, thanks to this modern marvel Internet is. Although I was born in Brazil, in 1943, where I grew up, in the seventies I found myself living and working in the USA, more precisely, upstate NY. I am and was always an avid reader and had and have a special interest in automobiles. From the very first moment I read a testing from Uncle Tom McChaill, he stood up above any other writer on the subject. I ended up looking for older issues of Mechanix Illustrated and without collecting them, I looked forward to as many articles from him as it was possible. Many years later, my undying interest in automobiles made me to have the idea of creating a site about the Fifties, specially about cars, where I would dream about which and how it was them to have and to drive the automobiles from that era. As it happens that in my professional life I have worked with computers, it became quite easy to look extensively all around on the subject  and bring it back here.

Once again Uncle Tom McCahill stood up above all and in these incursions, many times I would read about somebody complaining why doesn’t it happens to exist a site putting together all about Uncle Tom McCahill.

Well, to the best of my abilities, here it is.

Roque Ehrhardt de Campos camposre001@gmail.com



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