Tom McCahill remembered by Greg Zyla More

Greg Zyla More 01

Q: Greg, I was a teenager during the 1950s and, like my pals, developed an intense interest in cars.

In addition to tinkering with my Dad’s 1951 Ford and a 1941 Ford pickup I bought from my brother for $100, I subscribed to Motor Trend and faithfully followed Tom McCahill’s automotive articles in Mechanix Illustrated.

51 Ford

Ford pick up 41

I recall reading back then in 1955 that sales of the Lincoln line were in decline because the Lincoln looked like just another Ford (or Mercury). Imagine paying a premium price for a Lincoln Capri, only to have people ask, “How do you like your Ford?”

Lincoln 53

The upshot of this was that the Lincoln team did a complete restyling and upgrade of the Lincoln, resulting in the elegant 1956 Lincoln Premiere. The sleek styling and massive lines of the Premiere made it an instant hit and sales took off.



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