Uncle Tom McCahill and other midia

He was very active and had exposures on Radio, Movies, TV and News Papers, as can be seen in his 3rd marriage announcement in the Daytona Beach Morning Journal – Sep 22nd, 1962:

3rd marriage Daytona Beach Sunday News Journal sept 23 1962


of a sports car theme stage show and all those kicks. The opening is the 27th and Tom appears driving the “hero” car in the filmed sports car race. Then he plans to compete for the duck shooting championship of America (he won it in 1956 and was runner up in 1959). Next on the schedule Jeanne and tom will go to Exeter, N.H., for an annual meeting of the Society of the Cincinnati. In which Tom has been nominated to head a standing committee Then back here in a few weeks.

So far, I found at Youtube two movies fully sponsored by Uncle Tom McCahill:

Comparison of 1958 Cars Part 1

Comparison of 1958 Cars Part 2


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